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Power drills are essential to any construction or repair project whether you are a homeowner or a professional tradesman. Drills can be used on a variety of different materials with the right drill accessory. To help you with your drilling project, we have a wide selection of drill bits, SDS+ and SDS Max bits, chisels and holesaws to choose from. All our drilling accessories are from premium manufacturers including; Black and Decker, Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi and Makita.

We stock drill bits in varying lengths and diameters, with diameters ranging between 1.5mm and 40mm. Howe Tools has drill bits for wood, metal (HSS), masonry, glass, tile and CLY-9 multi-construction bits. If you require a selection of drill bits we also have drill bit sets that will enable you to drill in multiple diameters, lengths and materials.

If you own a SDS+ or SDS Max drill, from Bosch, Dewalt or Makita, we have hammer drill bits to fit your machine. You can choose from our diverse range of SDS+ and SDS Max drill bits, with over 100 different drill bits in stock. We also supply SDS+ and SDS Max chisels to help you carve and cut into a many materials.

For drilling larger holes efficiently, we stock Bosch progressor holesaws, bi-metal holesaws, multi-construction holesaws and holesaw sets. As well as providing holesaws, we also stock other holesaw accessories including; holesaw adaptors, pilot drills and holesaw carry cases.

To support with the precise and demanding performance of a diamond drill, Howe Tools stocks diamond cores and diamond accessories from Bosch and Makita. Our diamond cores can cut diameters between 15mm to 127mm in many robust materials including brick, concrete and stone. Our diamond accessories include diamond core extensions, ejector drifts and diamond core adaptors.

We also offer a selection of chucks, keys and adaptors for drills. Whether you need to replace a faulty chuck, a lost chuck key, or want to enhance you drill with a new drill chuck or adaptor, we have a range of options for you. You can find hex power change adaptors, keyless chucks, SDS+ quick change chucks and keyless chucks, but to name a few of the more popular products on offer.

If you can’t find what you’re after, or need some guidance, just call or email our knowledgeable staff. All power tool accessories sold by Howe Tools will be delivered next day for free within the UK mainland.

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  1. BLACK & DECKER A7216

    BLACK & DECKER A7216

    (32pc) Accessory set Learn More
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  2. BLACK & DECKER X50035

    BLACK & DECKER X50035

    HSS-R metal drill bit - 4mm x 43mm x 75mm Learn More
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  3. BLACK & DECKER X50700

    BLACK & DECKER X50700

    Metal drill bit - 3mm x 33mm x 61mm Learn More
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  4. BLACK & DECKER X50714

    BLACK & DECKER X50714

    Metal drill bit - 5.5mm x 57mm x 93mm Learn More
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  5. BLACK & DECKER X50720

    BLACK & DECKER X50720

    Metal drill bit - 8mm x 75mm x 117mm Learn More
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  6. BLACK & DECKER X50726

    BLACK & DECKER X50726

    Metal drill bit - 11mm x 94mm x 142mm Learn More
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  7. BLACK & DECKER X50730

    BLACK & DECKER X50730

    Metal drill bit - 13mm x 101mm x 151mm Learn More
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  8. BLACK & DECKER X51013

    BLACK & DECKER X51013

    (pkt of 2) Bullet metal drill bit - 2mm x 24mm x 49mm Learn More
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  9. BLACK & DECKER X51018

    BLACK & DECKER X51018

    (pkt of 2) Bullet metal drill bit - 2.5mm x 30mm x 57mm Learn More
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  10. BLACK & DECKER X51118

    BLACK & DECKER X51118

    Bullet metal drill bit - 12mm x 101mm x 151mm Learn More
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  11. BLACK & DECKER X52011

    BLACK & DECKER X52011

    Brad point drill bit - 5mm x 60mm x 90mm Learn More
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  12. BLACK & DECKER X52035

    BLACK & DECKER X52035

    Flatwood drill bit - 20mm Learn More
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