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If you are dealing with a lot of weeds or plants growing where they are not wanted, such as on a drive or patio, then a chemical sprayer can be a good investment. Chemical sprayers can also be used for quickly and effectively feeding plants. However, you should not use a chemical sprayer interchangeably between killing and feeding plants as residues may still remain in the machine.

There are some clear advantages of purchasing a chemical sprayers over a hand-held spray that you might buy in a garden centre:

  • A dedicated chemical sprayer can hold a lot of solution, meaning you can tackle a large space without having to frequently refill.

  • If you regularly need to spray large areas, a chemical sprayer will usually be more cost effective since you can buy solutions in bulk quantities.

  • The nozzle of a chemical sprayer will allow for a refined adjustment allowing you to target more precisely or with a wider spread.

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