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Howe To buying guides

Howe To: Buying Guides for power tools and garden machines

If you need to know more about types of power tools or garden machinery before making your choice, then our buying guides will help.

Each buying guide describes the types of machines available, key considerations when purchasing that tool, lists our most popular models, and provides some essential safety tips.

The following guides for power tools and garden machines are currently available, we are working on more so please check back soon!

DEWALT DCD796N Combi drill


Find the right drill for you, whether a combi drill, rotary drill, angle drill or diamond core, or if you just need to know what the difference between them are. Howe Tools tells you what to consider, along with safety tips and advice on how to use a drill and choosing the right drill bits.

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MAKITA DTD152Z Impact driver

Impact Drivers

Impact drivers have a higher amount of torque than conventional drills making them much better at tightening and loosening screws and bolts. Our impact driver buying guide explains the two types of impact drivers we stock, the key points to consider when buying an impact driver, and safety tips during use.

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MAKITA GA4530R Angle grinder

Angle Grinders

Learn about the key uses for Angle Grinders, what to consider when purchasing one, and how to stay safe when using it. Get advice from Howe Tools and shop from our range of Angle Grinders, along with various other power tools and accessories.

Read the Angle Grinder Buying Guide...

DEWALT DWS774 Mitre saw


There are many things to consider when buying a powered saw and there are several different types of saw available. Saws can differ by cut type, power source, cut size and the material the machine can cut. Our saw buying guide provides further information on these points, explains the different types of saws, and provides key safety tips when using a saw.

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MAKITA AF505N Compressed air Brad nailer


Our nailer buying guide explains the differences between first fix and second fix nailers, brad nailers, positive placement nailers and staplers. It then goes on to explore some key considerations when purchasing a nailer, such the choice between a gas nailer or a battery nailer. See what other nailers customers are buying by reviewing our list of most popular nailers.

Read the Nailer Buying Guide...

MAKITA DUH523Z hedge trimmer

Hedge Trimmers

Read our hedge trimmer buying guide to help you choose the right machine. Hedge trimmers can have different power sources, blade lengths and blade spacings, which may all be key considerations to you when buying one. Shrub trimmers are a smaller alternative to a hedge trimmer, and a pole hedge trimmer may give you that extra reach you need.

Read the Hedge Trimmer Buying Guide...