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The 130mm circular saw takes a relatively small saw blade. Depending on the circular saw and blade used, these machines can be used to cut wood, laminates and aluminium. 

When cutting into wood, the smaller the circular saw blade, the less likely that chipping will occur. As these circular saws are good for making fine and precise cuts. 

The trade-off is in the saw’s depth of cut, which is not very deep. It will be around 43mm, but may vary depending on manufacturer. 

Smaller circular saws like this are also lighter and easier to use than those that take larger blades.

  • The subsequent criteria needed for choosing a circular saw is the diameter of the blade to determine the depth of cut. The more popular diameters tend to be 190mm & 235mm. Circular saws with this 130mm diameter blade are at the smaller end of the diameter blade range.
  • Choosing the right battery: Cordless (or battery powered) tools have a variety of chemical battery types; Li-ion is the latest technology, prior to that it was Ni-MH and Ni-Cad was the original. The higher the Ah (Ampere hours) the longer the interval between charges; the fewer times you recharge a battery the longer it will last. Some cordless tools can also come without batteries - sometimes referred to as naked, bare units or body only. These tools are supplied without a battery or charger and more often than not without any accessories; as a result they are significantly cheaper in price.
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