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These 6.5mm keyed chuck rotary drills are suitable for smaller drilling jobs since the maximum drill bit size they can accommodate is 6.5mm. One of the key benefits of these particular drills is that they are lighter and smaller in size than some of the other drills that we supply which use larger diameter drill bits. This can be a benefit if a lot of light drilling work is needed, since they are less fatiguing to operate.

  • The key considerations when choosing a rotary drill are the maximum drilling diameter required and whether you prefer to tighten the chuck by hand or by using a key supplied. We currently supply three different sizes of rotary drills, to accommodate a maximum drill bit size of 6.5mm, 10mm and 13mm. This smaller size tends to be used for intricate drilling because the jaws of these chucks are able to secure the smallest of drill bits using a key supplied.
  • There is a often choice between single or 2 speed gears. Most professional rotary drivers have a variable speed function.
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